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The Greatness and Uniqueness of our Nation Bharat

The greatness and the uniqueness of our Nation Bharat

Vishnu Purana written by Parasara Rishi (Father of Veda Vyasa of Mahabharata period and hence a minimum of 5150 years ancient) mentioned in its 2nd Adhyaya 3rd Chapter and 1st sloka as that the land north from Ocean and south from Himalayan Mountain is Bharatam and Its progeny are called Bharatians. In 22nd sloka of 3rd Chapter of 2nd Adhyaya, Vishnu Purana mentions, in the land of Jamboodveepa, Bharatam is the most auspicious, excellent, pre-eminent and most distinguished Nation and it is the land of Karma, whereas others are lands of Bhoga. In 23rd sloka of 3rd Chapter of 2nd Adhyaya, Vishnu Purana mentions,
due to the collection of Punya, which were done in thousands and thousands of births, a person may have the opportunity of taking birth occasionally, as a human being in that Nation Bharatam, In 24th sloka of 3rd Chapter of 2nd Adhyaya, Vishnu Purana mentions, Gods (Deva) sing that the persons born in Bharatam are more fortunate than the Gods themselves because Bharatam is the only route to reach Heaven and Almighty Himself.
These are all the greatness and uniqueness of our Beloved Motherland Bharat.

The sloka are attached and downloadable

The greatness and the uniquiness of our Nation Bharat_

One Man Army

One Man Army

Rifleman Jaswant Singh Rawat

Battle of Nuranang 4th  Battalion of Garwal Rifles

17th November 1962

Jaswant Singh Rawat, Lanes Naik Trilok Singh and RFN Gopal Singh Gusain crawled for 12 meters, throw grenades at Chinese bunkers, captured China’s Medium Machine Gun (MMG), fired at Chinese army with China’s MMG itself and inflicted heavy causalities on Chinese side. On that day our Army ordered to withdraw from that post. However Jaswant Singh Rawat stayed back and climbed a mountain of 10000 feet height and there installed many guns at constant distance. With the Monpa tribal girls Sela and Nura supplying ammunition, Rawat loaded the guns and fired at Chinese stations consistently passing from 1st to 2nd and like that to the last gun and returning in reverse order to 1st gun again. Thus, there was  a constant and consistent firing. It continued for three days both day and night fully without any gap. Thus, Chinese army thought that there was a Bharatian army battalion with high number.

Hence they stayed back without advancing. However, they suffered heavy causalities. Without eating properly and not at all sleeping, Rawat and the two girls worked hard for 3 days and stopped the advancement of Chinese army and at the same time inflicting heavy damage on them. On 3rd day Chinese army captured a villager who supplied food to these three and knew the fact. The got angry, came to the working spot of Rawat and tortured Nura. Seeing this, Sela climbed a peak and jumped into the below pass and died. That mountain and pass are named after her. Rawat shot himself. However Chinese army severed his head and taken away with them. On this day, (20th November 1962) China declared unilateral ceasefire and they returned Brass bust of Jaswant singh, feeling for their inhuman act and appreciating the braveness of Rawat. This was installed at a house named as Jaswant Garh and was worshiped as temple even now by the locals and our Army persons. He became a saint.

Army persons even now believe that he is serving our Nation and guiding them properly, when they miss directions. He was supplied tea and food regularly, his clothes were washed daily and shoes were polished which were on the next day morning seems to be with snow and dust, causing us to think that he had gone for night rounds. He was given regular promotions and leave also. Any army officer crossing Jaswant Garh used to salute him. Army people are believing that Jaswant Singh Rawat still serving our Motherland and safeguarding our territory. It is a known fact that his spirit still protects this Sela pass.

Rifleman Jaswant Singh Rawat still protects and guards our Beloved Motherland Bharat, even after death.

WE ?

Heliocentric Concept in Retrograde Motion of Planets

The retrograde motion of planets is a unique feature of our Bhratian Astronomy, Astrology and
Almanacs. These texts describe that Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and the Saturn have retrograde motion, an apparent backward motion of these planets with respect to the fixed stars of the sky, on observed from the Earth. If analysed in depth, this retrograde motion of these planets, confirm that our Bhratian Astronomy is correctly based on Heliocentric concept only.

Heliocentric in retrograde motion of Planets

Heliocentric Concept in Ancient Texts of Bharat

Heliocentric theory, but with perfect circular model was said to have been advanced first, by Nicholas Copernicus (1473 – 1543 A.D.) of Europe. Prior to that, in Europe, Claudius Ptolemy’s (~85 -165 A.D.) perfect circular model of Geocentric theory was followed. However, the ancient texts of our Nation like Veda and the astronomical texts clearly revealed not only the Heliocentric theory, but also the elliptical pathway of the planets with their calculations, much advanced than that of Nicholas Copernicus. If the astronomical facts scattered in these texts, are analyzed perfectly they will show that the Bhratian astronomy is based on Heliocentric theory only. Even the Navagraha temple construction in our Nation itself shows the Sun’s centre position, encircled by the other Graha (planets, satellite and nodes).

Heliocentric Concept in Ancient Texts of Bharat

Value of Pai in Bharatian Mathematics

Value of π is a very essential and fundamental thing, in the calculations of area and
circumference of circles. It was first calculated in our Nation, Bharat and from here only, it spread to the rest of the world. We can show the direct evidences found scattered in the ancient texts our Nation and also the evidences showing its applications in the day-to- day life by our ancestors.

Value of Pai

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