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Category: Maths

Value of Pai in Bharatian Mathematics

Value of π is a very essential and fundamental thing, in the calculations of area and
circumference of circles. It was first calculated in our Nation, Bharat and from here only, it spread to the rest of the world. We can show the direct evidences found scattered in the ancient texts our Nation and also the evidences showing its applications in the day-to- day life by our ancestors.

Value of Pai

The Veda and the Concept of 360 Degrees of Angles of a Circle

Vada and 360 Degrees

It is well known that each circle has 360° of angles. But why 360°? Why not 400° or 500° to make calculations easier? What is the basic concept behind this computation of 360° of angles for a circle? Who first, when and in what text, developed this concept? When we analyse and go in-depth into these details, we will astonish to know the mighty knowledge and the wisdom of the Rishies of our Motherland, Bharat.

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