Heliocentric theory, but with perfect circular model was said to have been advanced first, by Nicholas Copernicus (1473 – 1543 A.D.) of Europe. Prior to that, in Europe, Claudius Ptolemy’s (~85 -165 A.D.) perfect circular model of Geocentric theory was followed. However, the ancient texts of our Nation like Veda and the astronomical texts clearly revealed not only the Heliocentric theory, but also the elliptical pathway of the planets with their calculations, much advanced than that of Nicholas Copernicus. If the astronomical facts scattered in these texts, are analyzed perfectly they will show that the Bhratian astronomy is based on Heliocentric theory only. Even the Navagraha temple construction in our Nation itself shows the Sun’s centre position, encircled by the other Graha (planets, satellite and nodes).

Heliocentric Concept in Ancient Texts of Bharat