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Historical Facts of King Vikramaditya of Ujjani

The various narrations and accounts pertaining to King Vikramaditya of Ujjain, found in the ancient texts of our Nation and the historical notes and writings of the foreign scholars and historians were analysed properly and thoroughly. This clearly and assertively proves that King Vikramaditya who came in the lineage of Agnikula of Pramara dynasty of Ujjain, is definitely a historical person and he ruled most of the parts of Bharat for 100 years, between 81 B.C.E. to 19 C.E. He started his Era in 57 B.C.E., when he conquered Nepal.

King Vikramaditya

Glorious Achievements of our Nation in Medical Science

Our motherland Bharat achieved outstanding standard in Medical science in almost all aspects, which can be enumerated one by one, from the basic understanding of the concept of health, up to the level of performing high technological skills.

Glorious Medical Achievements of our Nation

Aryabhatta Book Release Function Chennai


In Temple construction two important things are to be fixed before starting

1. The auspicious time for the beginning in Boomi Pooja, Kumbha Abhishekam etc.
2. The fixing the Directions (mainly 8, North, East, South, West and the 4 in between directions).
Here Astronomy plays the important role and based on it only the construction proceeds.

Astronmy and Sankusthapanam in Temple construction

The Veda and the Concept of 360 Degrees of Angles of a Circle

Vada and 360 Degrees

It is well known that each circle has 360° of angles. But why 360°? Why not 400° or 500° to make calculations easier? What is the basic concept behind this computation of 360° of angles for a circle? Who first, when and in what text, developed this concept? When we analyse and go in-depth into these details, we will astonish to know the mighty knowledge and the wisdom of the Rishies of our Motherland, Bharat.

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