Avinash Research

Dr M L Raja

Month: February 2021

Date of Mahabharata War, Inscriptional and Literary Evidence

Date of Mahabharata War Inscriptional and Textual Evidence

In this article, the Inscriptional and Literary Evidence of the date of Mahabharata War is dealt. These evidence prove strongly, assertively and precisely that Mahabharata war was fought 42 years before Kali Yuga Epoch 3101 B.C.E. i.e. 3143 B.C.E.

Veda and Big Bang Theory

Veda and Bigbang Theory

In this article, it is explained with evidence how Veda explained cosmology and process of creation of our Universe in a complete and precise manner. It is given in pdf form and can be readable by opening the above title.


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