There are interesting narrations one can find through internet about the link of life history and the warefare techniques of Chatrapathi Sivaji and the tiny Vietnam’s victory in its freedom war against the mighty United States of America (U.S.A.). Since these narrations described the incidences that occurred in 1970s, it is difficult to prove the veracity of these narrations, but one can understand and accept the ring of truth in these narrations.

The foreign Minister of Provisional Revolutionary Government of South Vietnam, Madam Nguyen Thi Binh came to our Nation in May 1976. During this visit, she garlanded the statue of Chatrapathi Sivaji. Then she went to Raigad, Maharashtra state. At Raigad fort she worshipped the Samadhi of Chatrapathi Sivaji and applied the bit of soil of Samadhi over her forehead with much respect. Then she collected a little bit of soil of Samadhi and put it in her bag. When asked about the reasons for her actions, she mentioned that the life history and war techniques of Chatrapathi Sivaji was the sole inspirational and guiding force that lead to the victory of  Vietnam against U.S.A. Thus, the sole purpose of her Visit was to show the gratitude and respect of Vietnam towards Chatrapathi Sivaji. She further added that she was going to sprinkle the soil collected at Samadhi over the soil of Vietnam, so that  Chatrapathi Sivaji like great personalities would be born in Vietnam also. Madam Binh later become Education Minister of Socialist Republic of Vietnam in June 1976 and Vice President in 2002.

The President of Vietnam, when he started Vietnam’s freedom war against U.S.A., ¬†happened to read the life history of Chatrapathi Sivaji. It gave him the much needed confidence, inspiration, War planning and tactics. He studied and admired how Chatrapathi Sivaji won the large armies of his enemies with his small and tiny army, by following excellent war techniques and tactics. Chatrapathi Sivaji used guerrilla warfare and many other war techniques and achieved great victories in all the 270 wars he fought. This give the President to chart out his plans and fighting method, which ultimately lead to Vietnam’s victory over U.S.A. The President instructed to inscribe the following line on his grave, “Here rests a mavala of Chatrapathi Sivaji”. Mavala means an ordinary soldier. The President even told that if Chatrapathi Sivaji had been born in Vietnam, Vietnam would have conquered the whole world.

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