The modern developments in Science and Technology paved the way for newer and more efficient archeological excavations, marine archeology and its underwater study, geology, cosmology, astronomical studies in the sky map software, newer and more elaborate literary and astronomical evidences etc., all with a good scientific background and high technological skill, software, equipment, simulations etc.

These lead to newer and astonishing findings in these fields, which in turn made it mandatory to review and reanalysis the existing chronology of our Nation. This scientific, fair and reasonable review and reanalysis showed a lot of discrepancies, inconsistencies, paradoxes, shortcomings, and contradictions prevailing in the presently available dates.

In this regard, the date of Aryabhatta is a very good example and in this book, the same was analysed in detail. Here the two dates 476 C.E. and 2764 B.C.E. proposed by Sree. Kota Venkatachalam of Vijayawada in 1949 C.E. and Tandulam Narayanan Sastri of Chennai in 1917 C.E. are analysed in depth including the grammatical analysis of the 3:10 verse of Aryabhattiyam. Further, the name of Aryabhatta is also analyzed showing that the spelling Aryabhatta is correct as per the verse in Panca Siddhantika of Varahamihira.

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Aryabhatta Date an Analytical Study